Four Important Considerations Before You Choose Your Kitchen Countertop Material

Kitchen remodeling is a project that adds value to your home. Thus, you need to get it right when you undertake this project. One of the important decisions you need to make in a kitchen renovation is to pick the type of countertop you will install. Before you start checking out countertop material options from Graniteausommet.com, you need to be aware of other factors to consider before you look into material options for counters. The following considerations will make sure the installation is done correctly.  

Kitchen Cabinets

Before you chose a countertop material, consider the quality of your cabinets your kitchen currently has. Ensure these cabinets can support your new counters’ weight. Lower-grade cabinets usually may not be able to hold up heavier counter materials. If you intend to invest in granite, keep in mind that a ¾” granite weighs around 18 pounds per square foot. This means your kitchen counters will weigh several hundred pounds. 

The Configuration of Your Sink

A farmhouse sink in the kitchen that sits below the countertop level may not be replaced when you get new counters. However, if your sink tends to sit on top of your kitchen counter, it has to be replaced when you get new counters. Or perhaps you can hire a plumber to reconfigure the plumbing before the new counters can be replaced. 

In addition, if your new counters are taller than the previous ones, the drain pipe of the sink may not reach its bottom. Also, it may be necessary to adjust the configuration of the faucet to fit your new counters. 

Your Backsplash

New countertops can make a kitchen feel like a new space, particularly when you invest in new cabinets. However, an outdated backsplash can instantly look out of place or may not fit with the new counters. If the new countertops end up being thicker than the previous ones, the backsplash will have to extend down too low and run into the new counters. 

Your Budget

Although shopping for counter materials is fun, you should focus on more practical matters. It is imperative that you think about your budget when you pick your countertop material. And while your kitchen’s size will influence the price of the counters, the material is the major factor. 

If have set a big budget for your counters, you should consider materials such as natural stone and quartz. If you have a mid-range budget, invest in limited patterns of concrete or granite. For a limited budget, laminate and other options may suit it. But you might still be able to get quality counter materials without breaking your bank from the right supplier.