How To Install Vinyl Liner Pools

If you truly want a classy and durable swimming pool, you should go for vinyl pool liner. This liner is the gold standard and it is the right choice for you. It might cost you a bit more than the other options out there you will definitely get value for money. Below is the process of vinyl pool installation.

Installing the Pool Wall

First you choose your location for the swimming pool then you get all the necessary approvals. After taking care of these details, the excavation crew does the digging according to the specifications of the pool. The next stage is to install the pool walls. To ensure strength and durability, it is necessary to pour a concrete beam around the outer perimeters of the pool. The right option here is a strong polymer wall that will stand the test of time. It also makes sense to wrap the pool wall with reinforced steel before pouring the concrete bond beam. Note that more concrete gives you a stronger pool so you should not ever compromise on the quality of your concrete.

Installation of the Pool Bottom

Installing the pool bottom does not take plenty of time. However, the important thing here is that you must use the right material. Some older pool building firms use a mixture of sand and concrete for the pool bottom. This was probably good enough a long time ago. However, if you want a smooth finish for the liner, you should go for pool crete and make it 2” thick at the barest minimum.

Setting the Plumbing Inlets and Outlets

The smart move here is to go for a plumbing system that will reduce electricity usage and improve circulation as well as reduce strain on the pool equipment. If you get it right, both the suction and return sides will give you great output and functionality.

Installing the Vinyl Liner

Now, we get to the core of the apple. Installing the vinyl liner requires skill, experience and sound judgment. In some cases, it makes sense to install the vinyl liner before backfilling. In other cases, you can go ahead and install the vinyl liner after backfilling. Since you are going for polymer pool walls, you can have the pool filled with water before backfilling. This allows your contractor to do an excellent job and install the vinyl liner properly.

Installation of the Pool Equipment

There is no point in using inferior pool equipment with your excellent vinyl liner. This will undo all the good work your pool expert has done. Go for top class equipment and you get excellent results.

Pool Deck is Formed

This is the final stage in the installation process. To ensure you get near-perfect results, the smart move is to use 4000 psi concrete mixture for your pool deck. This gives you a much better result than the 2500 psi to 3000 psi mixtures that some people recommend. This smart move gives you a high level of protection against cracks and ensures you have an excellent and durable pool deck.

We would recommend hiring a professional like these pool builders Covington offers if you are planning on installing a pool.