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East Nashville Essence: Exploring the Unique Charms of Local Homes

Located east of downtown Nashville, East Nashville is an outstanding place to call home. The mostly residential area is one of Nashville’s 26 suburban neighborhoods and boasts the perfect combination of rich history and modern amenities. If you are looking for East Nashville homes for sale, the town offers many unique architectural marvels guaranteed to meet your needs. Here is a closer look at the most remarkable home styles you will find in this charming area.

French Provincial

As you explore the area with experienced East Nashville TN real estate agent Shane McCarty, you may come across a French Provincial home of two. These properties were inspired by French countryside manor houses from the 17th to 18th century and exude a distinct rustic elegance. Common features include curved top windows adorning ornate roofs, arches in the ceilings, doorways, and windows, stone or brick exteriors, exposed wooden beams, decorative wrought iron, painted shutters, and ornate carvings. Usually, French Provincial homes look like a more subdued version of the typical rustic farmhouse, with colors such as gray, white, cream, brown, and subdued blues and greens.

Tudor Revival

Tudor Revival homes are easily distinguishable from their fairytale aesthetic and characteristic half-timber exterior framing. Tudor Revivals in East Nashville exude an Old World charm that history-oriented homebuyers will love. Named after the powerful English royal house of Tudor, these homes look and feel like an English countryside manor. Customary features include tall, narrow windows, exterior brick accents, steeply pitched roofs, and often, an English-style garden.

Tudor Revival homes


Translated to “before war,” Antebellum homes date back to before the American Civil War and were popular in the South. These homes are today considered the pinnacle of Southern hospitality and charm in visual form with their stunning architecture inspired by Greek Revival and Neo-Classical designs. Typical Antebellum homes feature detailed plaster designs, elaborate foyers for receiving guests, vast ballrooms, grand staircases, multi-level balconies, Greek-style pillars, and the characteristic wraparound porch.

American Farmhouse

The American Farmhouse is one of the most iconic symbols of early America. These homes were built for functionality and, as the name suggests, were used by farming families. An East Nashville staple today, the American Farmhouse’s simple and practical style has undergone some modernization. Homes feature light or white-colored exteriors and walls, large, wraparound porches, designated formal and informal areas, and rustic materials and furnishings.

Georgian Revival

The Georgian Revival style was modeled after the Colonial Revival in the early 20th century. These homes became popular in the first half of the 20th century and remain so today in East Nashville for their classic look and signature symmetrical design. Georgian Revival homes use brick or stone predominantly on the exterior and rigidly adhere to symmetry. They feature ornate entrances and large windows with elaborate brick headers.


If you prefer a modern touch, East Nashville offers some Contemporary-style homes with a sophisticated vibe. These homes espouse minimalism, clean lines, and outdoor living. Common features include large windows that let in tons of natural light, eco-friendly amenities, sustainable materials, and an often angular, asymmetrical exterior.

Explore East Nashville with an Experienced Agent

If your heart is set on moving to Tennessee, you will love the architectural treasures in East Nashville real estate. Homes for sale here come in a wide range of styles, furnishings, and amenities, so you are guaranteed the perfect home. If you are ready to start looking, contact experienced East Nashville real estate agent Shane McCarty. Shane utilizes his time-sharpened listening skills and vast network to help you find the best East Nashville home.