Best Landscape Company In Singapore

Prince landscape is one of the best-known companies for landscape construction in Singapore. It has been working for the past 25 years in this sector, creating the best landscape design for all commercial and home landscape projects. It has many designs available As one of the top landscape company in Singapore. Prince Landscape also provides free consultation. Check them out.

What is a landscape company?

We all want to live around nature but wants to construct massive infrastructure cutting nature. This is where landscape company come forward. Gardening is everyone’s hobby if not a hobby everyone wants to plant in their open space, even if living in a skyscraper.

Landscape company gives you designs and ideas to make your balcony or the space around you greener. Landscape company helps you construct making your balconies more beautiful.

Prince landscape company also give free consultation on how you can create and innovate the space around your house or flats. This company has been working, making our houses and commercial buildings more attractive.

Types of services they provide

  1. Home garden – they create a design for your balcony where you can make gardens, and will suggest what kind of plants need to be planted indoors.
  2. Green roof – they create the design for your rooftop and create a new surrounding there, which is full of greenery.
  3. Turfing – they also plant huge plants around your balcony or rooftop that we can also say as grass plantations.
  4. Landscape construction – they also help in giving a new dimension and new look to our homes and commercial buildings, from going to a nursery to planting every tiny detail is fulfilled by then.
  5. Vertical green wall – they are so experienced in their work and in this sector that they know where grasses can be planted, one of such places is the vertical green wall.
  6. Irrigating system – prince landscape company takes responsibility from the day they have been appointed for the work, from maintaining the plants to irrigating them.
  7. Corporate plant rental – they also rent plants for any corporate functions or parties even if there are any private functions they rent plants which will be suitable for the situation.


However, we are living in a place where gardens are an important factor in the house. We all love being around nature creating nature around us and providing an eco-friendly environment is one of the best things we can do for your family.