Top Reasons to Consider Living in Asheville, North Carolina

Situated in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is an eclectic, vibrant mountain town. The city is famous to both residents and visitors for its friendly community, charming natural beauty and rich cultural scene. If you are contemplating moving to North Carolina, there is no better town than Asheville. Here are some reasons Asheville should be your first choice for potential relocation destinations.

Family–Friendly Community

When relocating to a new place, you want a place with a welcoming community, and Asheville offers just that. With a population of fewer than 100,000 residents, Asheville is the right place and town size to interact with the members of your community and develop robust relationships with your neighbours. The town has various social clubs, events and meet-up groups that make it easier for you to connect with new people.

Fine Dining and Shopping

With so many different restaurants, cafés, and retail establishments to pick from, Asheville boasts a thriving eating and shopping scene. Without any doubt, living in Asheville will be great for your taste buds with its vast array of fine dining options. Most of the Asheville restaurants source their ingredients from local producers and farmers, so you are guaranteed fresh, delicious food. When it comes to shopping, everyone can find something to do in Asheville, from upscale boutiques to neighbourhood mom-and-pop stores.

Temperate Weather

Asheville is famous for its comfortable and moderate climate, which makes it a perfect place to enjoy all the scenic beauty surrounding it. Summer temperatures rarely go over 85º F, with July being the warmest summer month. Asheville experiences mild winters with random snowfall that is found on the mountaintops.

Access to Outdoor Activities

As we have seen, Asheville has a temperate climate, perfect for most outdoor activities. Home to the Appalachian Mountains, outdoor enthusiasts have lots of natural wonders to explore along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mount Mitchell State Park and Pisgah National Forest are the most iconic parks in Asheville, and they offer plenty of hiking trails, camping grounds, and beautiful picnic areas. You can also head to Lake Powhatan to swim during the summer.

Thriving Culture and Art Scene

Another reason that Asheville is a great place to live is its thriving art scene. Asheville is welcoming and well-known for its mix of religions, ethnicities, and cultures. As you walk through the streets, you will admire the scenic local art and experience the eclectic side of the community. There are also many fascinating museums to discover and explore, most notably the Asheville Art Museum. Also, the River Arts District is home to many studios where local artists produce their first-hand art, which you can experience at the many live music venues.

Looking for A Home in Asheville? Work with Kim Gentry Justus

Asheville is a great area to live for a variety of reasons. With its cultural heritage, active dining and shopping scene, gorgeous environment, cultural attractions, and magnificent real estate market, it’s no surprise that people like living in this delightful town. If you want to relocate here, work closely with Asheville NC real estate agent Kim Gentry Justus to help you find your dream home. Get in touch today for more information.