Top Features of a Good Water Heater


Like any other appliance in your household, a hot water heater has numerous options. For example, there are traditional water heaters that are large in size and power consumption. On the other hand, many modern ones are built with energy efficiency. 

Thus, it is crucial to learn about what makes up a good water heater. Choosing the best appliance can be difficult, but the tips below will assist you in making a more informed decision on the safest option. The following are some of the top features of a good water heater:

Water Type

Many homeowners may overlook the importance of the type of water their heating unit supplies. However, this factor cannot be neglected. The water quality can cause either damage or improvement to your entire experience with the appliance. 

For instance, mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium are abundant in hard water. Scaling can be caused by the minerals found in hard water. This will begin to interfere with the efficiency of the water heaters. As a result, it is best to choose the appliance that best suits your supplied water type.


Another feature you should look for is the amount of energy factor (EF) of the specific model you are going to purchase. This indicates the water heater’s efficiency for both tank and tankless models. Installing a water heater should not increase your energy bills significantly. While a high EF is desirable, you must also consider the cost of the energy used by the heater to get an accurate picture of how much it costs to operate.


This is another significant feature because it allows you to budget accordingly. Still, while your budget is the most crucial factor when determining the best tankless hot water heater price, there are several other considerations, including:

  • The system’s location
  • Permit
  • Contractors
  • Equipment needed for installation

These are only some features you should consider before buying your unit. If you want to know more about what to look for in a water heater, check out this blog post from Rheem Philippines, a water heater provider for residential and commercial establishments.