What are Common Kitchen Cabinet Options in Gainesville Gems?

Traditionally known for its luxury homes, Gainesville is a vibrant community with stunning properties and welcoming neighborhoods. If you are considering buying a home in Gainesville, you are probably thinking more about schools, safety, restaurants, and parks than your kitchen cabinet. But the inside of your house, precisely the kitchen which is the heart of the home, is just as crucial to your experience as the outside. Below, we review five kitchen cabinets you should consider as you plan to move.


Many homes for sale in Gainesville FL feature the Shaker cabinet – the most common cabinet style. Characterized by a five-piece flat panel style, it features a four-piece frame, a flat center, a flat paneled door with rail frames, a utilitarian design, and quality wood construction. Shaker cabinets are also often available in woods traditional to the north and northwest of the country, such as quartersawn oak, hickory, maple, and cherry, giving them a classic, undisturbed look.


Known for their hefty price tag, inset cabinets are a common feature in luxury homes for sale in Gainesville. These cabinets feature an inset door situated inside the frame. This setup usually means that constructing inset doors, and cabinets as a whole, involves a lot of precise calculation so the door sits inside the cabinet frame and slides out and in easily. While costlier than other cabinets, insets have a classy look synonymous with chic sophistication.      


From the name, you may have gathered that thermofoil cabinets involve some manufacturing and material combinations. These moisture-resistant structures are created from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) set in plastic coating and sealed under high pressure. The result is a durable and affordable cabinet that resembles wood – but is imitation wood – and is easy to clean, moisture-resistant, and low maintenance. However, thermofoil cabinets are usually vulnerable to heat so remember to set them away from fire sources in your kitchen.  


As the name suggests, distressed cabinets are antique-style constructions made to look “distressed” or old and weathered. They provide a certain old-world charm to your home and are a common choice for cottage, ranch, and midcentury homeowners. Distressed cabinets are usually available in a wide range of colors, wood options, and door styles. Characteristic features include rubbed-off or sanded corners, screw patterns, filed edges, dents and marks, chips, and more.


You may be familiar with louvered doors, but did you know cabinets come in this style too? Louvered cabinets feature horizontal wooden slats inserted into the door at an angle. The slats provide ventilation and air circulation while concealing the contents of the cabinet. Since their design is more common with doors and windows, these cabinets lend an air of unique sophistication to your home beyond any trend.

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